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aimmyarrowshigh's Journal

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i aim my arrows high

I Aim My Arrows High.
s e w n i n t o y o u r s o u l.

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V. Loves books, especially YA/MG fiction. This journal is pretty much only public fandom posts, but feel free to friend for updates. If you have never commented anything of mine, I will not automatically friend you back. To get added, you could leave anything from a fic review or a request for an iconset to a "hey we have these ships in common, let's be frands!" comment; whatever. If you don't need/want me to friend back and just want to add my journal to watch for fic, then that's totally fine! :D If you do want to be added back, please just... let me know that, I guess? Benefit of mutual friending: I usually post my promptfic memes and such as FO entries first/solely, so you can badger custom fic out of me. ...That's really the only reason to be my "friend." Or my friend.


a l l t h e f a n t h i n g s !

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